7 Online Jobs in India without Registration Fees

As the world is advancing, we have seen the enhancement in almost all the domains. The young generations of India are more focused on gaining experiences from all the directions possible. The students are extremely talented and they want to utilise their skills in a productive manner.

All the youngsters are looking for ‘Work From Home’ type of jobs which will make them financially stable and also give them the right exposure. Usually, we have seen that these jobs require registration fees and not many among the applicants are capable of paying it.

In this context, we have brought to you some of the best jobs in India, which is easy to do, free of registration cost, and allow you to work from home.

free home based jobs without registration fee

You do not have to meet huge targets; neither must you invest any fund for this. It does not require any advanced qualifications or training fee. Also, you must not purchase any product for the guidance about the job. In these jobs, your payment is assured, you get endless opportunities and free membership.

You can work from anywhere and anytime based on your own convenience and availability. You will get money through online method only, and it can be on the weekly basis. You get simple jobs, and nobody is there to keep a check on you. It does not require any experience and you have the freedom to work as per your flexibility.

Given below are some of the real-time online jobs which do not require any registration fee from the applicants.

List Of Online Jobs in India without Registration Fees:

1.SMS Sending Jobs

This is the most hassle free job which can be done through the basic mobile handset by simply sitting on your couch. This job is basically about marketing and you get paid on the basis of your work. You will be given a commercial number and you are supposed to send various messages to different numbers.

The numbers of a recipient will also be provided by the organisation for which you work, and you can do it on daily basis. You will be required to send SMS of variable lengths which will be promoting some product, services, event, or organisation.

2. E-mail Marketing Jobs

This is more or less similar to SMS sending jobs. You will be required to send the emails of variable lengths to the e-mail addresses provided to you by the agency for which you work.

The emails will be including the promotion of product, services, organisation, or event. It will include links, keywords, convincing and eye-catching content.

Based on your qualification, you will be assigned the work and will receive the payment accordingly. You may be required to write the emails yourself if you are capable of doing that. Otherwise, you can simply mail to the provided list of all the e-mail addresses.



3. Ad Posting

There are many students who are aware of the Google AdSense service and they are capable of posting ads. In this job, you will be given all the pictures, data, and type of content you will be required to post.

Also, you will get the account information of the respective website, so that ads can be posted on them using Google AdSense.


It is also one of the easiest jobs you can do from home if you have some free time apart from your studies. If you are not aware of the ad posting procedures, then you can learn it through some online course absolutely free of cost.

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4. Ad Clicking

You may not believe it, but this is one of the most comfortable ways to earn money online without making much effort. There are companies which spend dollars in bulk in order to publish optimised ads for their organisation.

In this context, you can sign up to any website that will pay you for clicking ads and reading them. All you have to do is click on the links that appear on a particular website and read the ads.

The respective agency may also send you ads through SMS along with the link, and you can read it directly by clicking on it. These organisations will pay you for doing this easy task by just sitting at your home.

Here are the brief details about ad clicking jobs without investment

5. Graphic Designing

Graphic design is the latest trend and need of the digital market. Everything happens over the internet, and for this, you will have to make your website and blog compatible by enhancing the quality of graphics used in it.

Hence, the graphic designers are in great demand. You can subscribe to any website which provides you with freelancing jobs, and showcase your skills there.


Make an attractive profile of yours, in which you list out all the talents you possess. The person looking for the facility will hire you and you can get paid on your terms without investing anything.

6. Content Writing

A writer is an artist and they can create wonders by carving their thoughts in the form of words on paper. They have an amazing capability to bring about a change in the mindset of people.

If you have very good command over a language, and your writing fascinates you more than any other job, then this is the right job for you.

You can earn good amount with the help of your writing skills, and you can also make a well-settled career in writing. As mentioned above, you can register yourself with any freelancing website.

The clients looking for writers will approach you and offer you a real time writing job. You can negotiate the payment and tie up with a client and start earning.

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7. Medical Transcriptionist: 

It is the job of responsibility, where the person has to carefully listen to all the details on phones that are dictated by any physicians or health professionals.

Use the devices like headsets and foot pedal for listening carefully and pausing the audio whenever required. All the details if provided of a patient must be mentioned carefully without any errors. If needed you must also cross check the details that you have

If needed you must also cross check the details that you have listened and mentioned. The medical terminologies, medicines and treatment must be mentioned accurately.

The survey says that medical transcriptionist had earned about $30,000-$35,000 during the year of 2006. But the Bureau of Labour Statistics says that may vary by 3% up to 2024

Therefore, in the light of aforesaid facts about online jobs in India, we can conclude that these are the cleanest, safest, and easiest way to earn something and also enhance your level of experience.

There are many other jobs such as parcel delivery, office assistance, newspaper delivery, pamphlet distribution, and many such jobs for youngsters of India. And all these jobs, require absolutely no registration fee to get started.

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