{Lycaenidae}- Gossamer Winged Butterfly Information & Facts

Comparing with other classes of butterflies, Lycaenidae is the second largest families of butterflies. It consists of 4750species. It is commonly named as GossamerWinged Butterflies and its subfamilies are classified as Blues (Polyommatinae), The Coopers (Lycaninae), The Hairstreaks (Theclinae), Harvesters (Melitinae).

Mentioning about its size; The adult Lycaenidae is about or less than 5cm. The colour of these butterflies is bright with metallic gloss. The antennas are similar to the tails with a black and white ring-like appearance.

Generally, the shape of larvae is flattened rather than cylindrical. The ants are attracted by glands that are secreted by it. 75% of the butterflies feeds the ants by regurgitation (eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth) method. This process is called trophallaxis. Some of the butterflies and ants relationships are termed as Myrmecophily.

Minimizing the view on its legs, the male forelegs are smaller than the females. But all the legs are functioning in both sexes. The legs have a pair of claws with exception of male butterflies on its forelegs have a single claw.

Lycaenidae Or Gossamer Winged Butterfly further species are mentioned below:

  1. Different Varieties of Theclinae Butterflies:
Common Name Scientific name Image
Green hairstreak Callophrys rubi green Hairstreak butterfly image
Callophrys Callophrys Callophyrs butterfly pics
White-letter hairstreak Satyrium w-album White-Letter Hairstreak butterfly photo
Gray hairstreak
Strymon melinus
Gray hairstreak butterfly pic
Black hairstreak Satyrium pruni Black hairstreak butterfly picture
Theclini Theclini
Satyrium ilicis Satyrium ilicis Theclini butterfly image
Arhopala Arhopala Aphnaenei butterfly pic
Callophrys henrici Callophrys henrici  Callophrys Henrici butterfly pic
 Aphnaeini  Aphnaeini Aphnaenei butterfly pic
 Callophrys irus Callophrys irus Callophrys irus butterfly picture
 Amblypodia Amblypodia Amblypodia butterfly image
Sandia hairstreak  Callophrys mcfarlandi Callophrys mcfarlandi butterfly pic
 Ogyris  Ogyris Ogyris butterfly image
 Paralucia  Paralucia Paralucia butterfly picture
 Arhopala bazalus  Arhopala bazalus Arhopala bazalus butterfly picture
Arhopala abseus Arhopala abseus  Arhopala abseus butterfly photo
Arhopala antheus  Arhopala antheus Arhopala antheus butterfly photo
 Arhopala agrata  Arhopala agrata  Arhopala agrata butterfly image

b. Other More Sub-Classifications of Lycaenidae Butterflies:

Common Name Scientific Name Image
 Lycaena  Lycaena Lycaena butterfly image
 Common Blue  Polyommatus icarus common blue butterfly pic
 Lycaena Phlaeas  Lycaena phlaeas Lycaena phlaeas butterfly photo
 Holly blue Celastrina argiolus Holly Blue Butterfly Image
 Polyommatinae  Polyommatinae Polyommatinae butterfly photo
 Phengaris Maculinea Phengaris Butterfly picture
 Pea Blue Butterfly/ Bean Butterfly Lampides Boeticus Lampides Boeticus Butterfly pic
Pale Grass Blue  Pseudozizeeria maha Pseudozizeeria maha - Pale Grass Blue butterfly image
 Adonis Blue Polyommatus bellargus UK Butterflies - Adonis Blue - Polyommatus bellargus image
 Scarce Large Blue  Phengaris teleius Phengaris teleius (Scarce Large Blue) image
 Small Blue  Cupido minimus small blue (Cupido minimus) butterfly image
Brown Argus  Aricia Agestis Aricia agestis - Brown Argus butterflies
 Scarce Cooper  Lycaena virgaureae Scarce copper- Lycaena virgaureae image
Leptotes Leptotes Leptotes buterflies photo
Eumedonia Eumedon  Geranium Argus Geranium Argus - Eumedonia eumedon image
Theclini  Theclini Theclini butterfly photo
Chequered Blue  Scolitantides Orion Chequered Blue Butterfly(Scolitantides orion)
Spindasis  Spindasis Spindasis syama Khew 001a
Northern Brown Argus Aricia artaxerxes northern brown argus butterfly photo
Chilades  Chilades Chilades butterflies image
Cyaniris  Cyaniris Mazarine Blue butterfly (Cyaniris semiargus)
Agrodiaetus  Agrodiaetus Agrodiaetus butterflies image
Jamides Jamides Jamides butterfly picture
Acute Sunbeam  Curetis Acuta Curetis acuta - Acute Sunbeam - Butterflies image
Lysandra  Lysandra Lysandra butterflies image


Here is the end of all varieties of {Lycaenidae}- Gossamer Winged Butterfly. I have tried to gather all types of classification. Each of them is specified with images for more understanding. If I have missed out any major important one then you can suggest me in the comment box. Thank you for showing your interest in the article.

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