Activate American Express Credit Card

After receiving a Credit Card, first and foremost you have to¬†Activate American Express Credit Card. Without the activation¬†process, you won’t be able to use¬†the American Express Credit Card. The new credit cards come along with various benefits. The American Express Credit Card Activation is a simple and quick process. The guide and techniques to Activate¬†American Express Credit Card¬†are mentioned hereby in the following content below.

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After activating your American Express Credit Card as a cardholder you are immediately free to pay bills online, deposit paychecks directly and make purchases of various sorts. If you have not registered with Internet Banking, you will have the opportunity to register once you have activated your American Express Credit Card.

How to Activate American Express card:

You have either of the two options to Activate American Express Credit Card:

  • Activate American Express Credit Card Online
  • Activate American Express Credit Card Over the Phone

American Express Card activation Online:

The following are the mandatory requirements that you need to keep ready before you start the activation process of your American Express Card:

activate american express credit card

  • Credit card number
  • Name for identity confirmation
  • Security code or password
  • CVV number which you can find on the back of the card.
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth and other personal information.
  • You also need to set up a username that is separate from your email because the American Express website requires you to have an online account to activate your credit card.

American Express card activation online Process

  • Visit the official website of American Express to activate your card.
  • It will ask for a 4 Digit card ID. You can see those numbers right on your card, enter them in the given place
  • You have to enter your 15 Digit card number. Be careful while writing these numbers.
  • Hit Confirm.
  • You will be asked for confirmation. Complete the steps as given on the screen and you are good to go
  • Congratulations, Your card will be successfully activated

If you don’t receive an email or message, you can contact the American Express bank to verify if your card has been activated.

Method Two:

American Express card activation over the phone

It is a reliable method than the online activation method since issues like connection errors and server error cannot occur. To activate your American Express Credit card over a phone call, you have to make the call via your registered number at the bank. This is to avoid issues while trying to activate.

  • Dial the online customer support¬†¬†
  • For Personal Cards

    Locals: 1800 296 7722

    Overseas: +65 6296 7722

    For Corporate cards

    Locals: 1800 296 7755

    Overseas: +65 6296 7755

    General Line

    Call at 1-866-207-7970.

  • You will likely reach a recorded service or personnel
  • Follow the directions given by the system.
  • Select the preferred language of communication
  • Input responses with the keypad.
  • Give your credit card number
  • Enter your Social Security Number correctly when asked.
  • Complete the process by answering every question.
  • Provide the system or personnel your information correctly.
  • Once you‚Äôve given all the information, your card will be activated.
  • You will receive a message that confirms the activation of your American Express Credit Card.

If you have any difficulties with AMEX Gift Card Activation you can ask the query in the comment box given below. I have tried to sum up all the details, if still, you want me to update any informative section, you can suggest me either.

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